Bryan a “simply ideal Puccini interpreter” in Oper Frankfurt’s ‘Edgar’

Bryan_Hymell-5371-2Bryan Hymel’s concert appearance at Oper Frankfurt, in which he sings the title role of Puccini’s Edgar, has earned him the distinction of a “simply ideal Puccini interpreter,” according to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “From the melancholy patina of Cavaradossi to the heroism of Calaf, he presented his range of expression and combined vocal power with the subtle art of characterization,” the newspaper went on to add, before deeming Bryan’s “an exceptional performance.”

Likewise, the Rhein Main’s Allgemeine Zeitung notes, “An abundance of steel and radiance is required by Puccini for the title role, which Bryan Hymel offered in polished overabundance.” Der Neue Merker added that Bryan “exuded vocal nuances and subtleties, infusing Puccini’s lyricism with liquid melodic tones and won the audience over with this magnificent vocal performance.”

“The Glamorous American Bryan Hymel was a storybook Italian tenor with infinite dynamism in reserve and an always-controlled, cultivated tone,” wrote Frankfurter Rundschau. “The Puccinian style has a beautiful future.”